• The protection and breeding of the Skyros horse is one of our special endeavours at SILVA.
  • Promoting, through art, the Skyros breed to the public in Greece and abroad. The Skyros horse is not only a relic from antiquity, but the living reality of a strong, economical, good-natured and active horse, suitable for children to ride and care for.
  • Since June 2003, we have set up riding classes for children. We have an enclosed arena, where the children can safely be taught the basics of riding.
  • We have initiated a programme whereby children from the island's primary schools come on a regular basis and are in contact with our horses. Creating jobs for some of these children gives them a sense of responsibility and, at the same time, a new and wonderful experience.
  • Part of the SILVA Project is also the provision of shelter for a wide range of rescued animals such as owls and other wild birds, sheep, donkeys, dogs and cats.
  SILVA Project