The Skyros horse as a work of art
THE VALUE - a financial & political newspaper , 17 September 2005

In Athens, the art gallery "EKFRASSI" and Mrs. Yianna Grammatopoulou present "Horse Art", a different art exhibition concept which includes a collection of artworks in aid of the endangered Skyros horse. From 13 to 20 September, the following artists present the Skyros horse in their own style :

Ioanna ASSIMENOU - Alexandra ATHANASSIADES - Pascale BOUCHOLZER - Gérald BUTHAUD - Christine CORNET - Christine DARBOUX - Yves DONNAY - Francis FELIX - Laurent FRISON - Luc GAZON - Françoise GRESSE - Jon Olav HELLE - Christiane JAVAUX - Makis KONSTANDELAKIS - Yiorgos LAMBROU - Michael LAWRENCE - Philippe MEYRIER - Audrey MIGEOTTE - Claudine MORSA - Miltos PAPASTERGIOU - Georges PENNAS - Martine PICARD-HELARY - Jean SPIROUX-MATHIEU - Aliki Alexandra STEEN - Ariane THONON - Marina VAMVAKAS


The "Horse Art" exhibitions present paintings, drawings, sculptures and art photography from a number of talented and known artists from Belgium, Greece, France, the U.S. and Norway. All original works and some reproductions, such as greeting cards and posters, are sold to support the preservation and breeding of the Skyros horse.

Initial exhibitions were held in France, Belgium and Greece. For more information about future "Horse Art" exhibitions you may visit the "Horse Art" online gallery website


To support The SILVA Project in aid of the Skyros horse, you can also adopt a pure-blooded horse for the period of one year. By paying 75 €, you will contribute towards the food, medicine and general welfare of the horse of your choice. You can visit the site and select the horse that you want to adopt.

An adoption is a fun and unforgettable gift and a most original one for the animal lovers among us, young and old. For a visiting class it can be a means of keeping in closer contact with the horses the children prefer.

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