The small Skyrian horse
"ELEFTEROTIPIA", 12 September 2005

SILVA, a non-profit organisation for the preservation and breeding of the endangered Skyros horse, organises in Athens a double art exhibition with paintings, sculptures and art photography related to an ecological theme that will interest animal lovers.

The art gallery preview and inauguration of the double "Horse Art " exhibition, will take place tomorrow at 7.30 p.m. at "EKFRASSI", 9A Valaoritou str. in Kolonaki, and the day after tomorrow at 7.00 p.m, on the premises of The Hellenic Society for the Preservation of the Environment and the Greek Heritage - 28, Tripodon str., Plaka.

The exhibition in Plaka will also present an educational section explaining the raisons why the Skyros horse is endangered today and why the conditions on the island of Skyros make the horses' survival extremely difficult.

Many known European artists take part in the "Horse Art" exhibitions. Among other sculptors, Miltos Papastergiou presents his artwork "Horses", a sculpture that you can also see at the top of this article. After the Athens exhibition, "Horse Art" will continue its artistic tour in Corfu and other European cities.

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