Artworks in aid of the Skyros horse.
This rare breed is nearly extinct!
"DOURIOS TYPOS" - CORFU, 19 September 2005, by Irini Aliverti

In a couple of days, the endangered Skyros horse will be in the spotlight. The Municipal Gallery of Corfu and the STABLUS hall are hosting a double art exhibition in Corfu town in aid of a unique and rare breed. The exhibition's success is not only due to its valuable artwork collection, by also because it awakens the public from its ignorance in biodiversity issues and genetic resources.

The art preview and inauguration at the Municipal Gallery and STABLUS hall, will take place on Sunday 25th September as from 7 p.m, After the STABLUS preview, the organisers and local sponsors TIM - Telecom Italia Mobile - and the Independent Municipality of Corfu will offer a music concert from the Greek-Italian band "Trio Da Camera".

This year, several "Horse Art" exhibitions in aid of the Skyros horse have been organised in France, Belgium and Greece. A large number of Greeks and foreigners are now familiar with this ancient and rare breed. In Corfu, Aliki A. Steen, the "Horse Art" concept developer and exhibitions organiser, worked in close cooperation with the Corfu Town Hall and the STABLUS gallery owners Mr. Dimitris Katapodis and Mr. Apostolis Chrysikos.

The SILVA Project is a NGO founded in 1996 by the Dimitriadis-Steen family. It focuses on the preservation and breeding of the pure-blooded Skyros horse. Since 2003, the Project develops new activities for the Skyros horse, involving primary schools, young riders, disabled people and therapists.

We interviewed Miss Eleni Trikalioti, SILVA Therapeutic Riding Instructor, who reported that "hippotherapy improves the overall health and quality of life of people with physical, mental, or emotional disorders or handicaps. Therapeutic riding is in fact an alternative rehabilitation programme, where the horse is the therapeutic medium".

Miss Trikalioti also made the point that in spite of the Project's contribution to society and its official recognition, the local, national and international authorities have not offered their support and cooperation yet. So far, only a couple of generous volunteers come every summer to work on the SILVA estate.

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