Art at the service of the Skyros horse.
Quotidien de Namur, 7 May 2005

On Friday the 6th of May, on the occasion of the 10th twinning anniversary between Gembloux and the island of Skyros, prince Laurent of Belgium inaugurated a unique horse art exhibition at the Senghor and Athena halls of the Faculty of Agronomics of Gembloux.
This exhibition was organised by a non-profit organisation called SILVA that is dedicated to the preservation of the Skyros horse, an ancient horse that is today nearly extinct. The exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to discover the works – paintings, sculptures and photography – of 21 artists coming from Belgium, France, Greece and the United States. In addition to the original works, a large range of reproductions is sold to the benefit of the Skyros horse.
These small horses, possibly the last survivors of the cavalcades of Alexander the Great, distinguish themselves from other ponies due to their naturally mild character and their therapeutic capabilities with normal and handicapped children.
The SILVA organisation has the objective to continue breeding and promoting the Skyros horse so that it will never again reach the verge of extinction. Through the SILVA Project the organisation also develops new activities for the Skyros horse such as riding for children and hippotherapy. These activities will hopefully ensure a permanent new role is found for the breed.

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