Passe Partout, 19th January 2005, Pascal Collin

Aliki Alexandra Steen living in Seilles, Belgium, has a passion for horses and more specifically for a unique and endangered horse, the Skyros horse. Nine years ago, the Dimitriadis-Steen family founded a non-profit organization for the preservation of this breed, so the Skyros horse is hopefully saved from extinction. However, it is important to continue making the public sensitive to this cause.

Today there are still very few purebred Skyros horses, 24 on the island of Corfu, in the Ionian sea, and 30 on Skyros, one of the Sporades islands in the Aegian sea.

Preserving and breeding an endangered species requires constant funding and therefore a number of activities have been developed. The art exhibitions promote the Skyros horse and SILVA Project breeding programme; in parallel the virtual horse adoptions contribute to the welfare of the horses in Corfu. Moreover, since the horses have a mild temperament, SILVA has recently developed riding classes for children and hippotherapy.

After Andenne - the exhibition was open until the 16th of January - the Horse Art project will travel to other cities in Europe, such as Athens, Oslo, Skyros, Corfu or Paris.

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