Le Quotidien de Namur, 12th January 2005
In Andenne before Athens and Oslo.

An art exhibition that is both didactic and philanthropic is currently open in Andenne. The central theme of the exhibition is the "Skyros horse", a horse that is practically extinct. Unfortunately there are today less than 60 pure-bred Skyros horses in the world; 24 on the island of Corfu and 30 on the island of Skyros, the largest and most remote of the Sporades islands, in the Aegian sea.

Due to its miniature height and familiarity to people, this horse was very much used during the wars of Alexander The Great (336 B.C.). Thanks to its good nature it was used in the army or as a means of transport for people and goods.

A passion for Skyros horses

Today, before the species becomes totally extinct, a family decided to do something. The Steen family, not only managed to preserve the last horses, but also managed to reproduce them. However, all this costs a lot of money, so it is important to work with passionate people and make politicians sensitive to this cause. This is the main reason behind the itinerant "Horse Art" exhibitions dedicated to the Skyros Horse.

Aliki Alexandra Steen from Seilles (Andenne), contacted a hundred artists and asked them to make in their own style a work of art on the Skyros horse. Today, fifteen artists from Greece, France, the U.S. and Belgium present their paintings, sculptures and art pictures at the Andenne exhibition, which also provides didactic information about the Skyros horse, its capacity to be used for riding and hippotherapy for children, and about the SILVA Project in Greece.

In order to promote this project as much as possible, the exhibition will travel from Andenne to Athens, Skyros, Corfu and also to Oslo and Switzerland.

Remark: The exhibition is open until the 16th of January at the Andenne Town Hall. Entrance is free. For more information please contact 085/82 63 22.

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