Le Quotidien de Namur, 6th January 2005

Andenne - Exhibition

The exhibition theme will impress art and horse lovers.

Until the beginning of industrialisation at the end of the 19th century, the horse experienced a close ongoing partnership with the human being. Today, the horse is an ideal partner for sport and leisure time. The horse is also an amazing therapist for adults and children if we consider what can be achieved through hippotherapy.

Moreover, the horse has always fascinated us with its beauty and strength; the horse that keeps us wanting to make new discoveries about it; the horse that conveys the experience of the inner wealth of genuine affection; the horse immortalized in different styles and formats by talented artists.

The Horse Art exhibition in Andenne will present works that both art and horse lovers will appreciate. This exhibition is in fact the first of a series that the SILVA Project organises in Europe to the benefit of a rare and unique species, the "Skyros horse". Today, this horse bears the name of the Greek island of Skyros where it survived for the last two centuries, but it has been a prime example of the symbiosis between man and animal for many thousands of years.

Other than its size, making the horse ideal for children at early stages of riding - up to the age of 10 - , its mild temperament, stamina and endurance in adverse environmental and climatic conditions make the horse an ideal family pet. Its miniature height and friendliness towards people, adults or children, are legendary.

For all these valuable reasons, SILVA, a non-profit organisation, fights for the preservation of the Skyros horse and for the development of its new equine activities, riding for children and hippotherapy.

Remarks: The exhibition is open from the 8th to the 16th of January 2005. For more information please contact 085/82 63 22.

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