Art brings assistance to the endangered Skyros horse
Andenne Potins, 5th January 2005
Andenne - Exhibition

From the 8th to the 16th of January, the Andenne Town Hall is hosting a Horse Art exhibition to the benefit of the Skyros horse, a unique and rare breed. You will discover paintings, sculptures and pictures made by 12 Belgian, French, Greek and American artists.

In 2005, the SILVA non-profit organisation is organising a series of art exhibitions in several European countries. The original works and various reproductions will be exhibited and sold for the preservation of endangered horses from Greek antiquity, the "Skyros horses", which are today nearly extinct.

The "hipparion" (small horse) of Skyros, having played a major role in Greek history, is almost forgotten and in desperate need of a new future. No other animal has experienced such a close ongoing partnership and symbiosis with the human being. Having survived for the last two centuries primarily on the Greek island of Skyros, this hardy mountain horse has served man time and time again. A census in 1998 revealed only 158 horses left on the island. Only 30 were pure.

Other than its size, making the Skyros horse ideal for children at early stages of riding - up to the age of 10 -, its mild temperament, stamina and endurance in adverse environmental and climatic conditions make the horse an ideal family pet.

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