Past Exhibitions

We also regularly host exhibitions in various locations throughout Europe. These offer you a unique opportunity to familiarize yourself with the quality of our works in a unique environment and offer you the opportunity to meet some of the artists.

Please find below a list of past exhibitions held recently.

  • Ancient Horse on Show at the Athens Olympic Equestrian Centre, October 2006
    For the fourth time in Athens, the International Equestrian World Cup was held at the Olympic Equestrian Centre of Markopoulo. From the 5th to the 8th of October, the ultra-modern facilities of the Olympic Equestrian Centre hosted athletes and spectators from all over the world as well as an exceptional Horse Art exhibition. Thanks to the support of the Hellenic Equestrian Federation and the "Alpha Private Bank World Equestrian Cup", "HORSE ART" in aid of the endangered Skyros horse presented this year an exceptional collection of paintings, sculptures and art pictures created by twenty Greek, French, Belgian, Norwegian and American talented artists...

  • “Horse” & “Art” exhibition at the Athens Olympic Equestrian Centre, October 2005
    On the occasion of three world class competitions, including the World Cups in Jumping and Dressage, the Hellenic Equestrian Federation (HEF) invited “Horse Art” to present the works of talented painters and photographers, as well as four of the trained Skyros horses coming from the SILVA breeding centre. Thanks to the support of the HEF and private investors, 2000 guests of the “Alpha Private Bank World Equestrian Cup” were offered the opportunity to discover, for the first time ever, the calm and affectionate Skyros horses. Hundreds for children stood in a queue for a free ride

  • Corfu exhibition in Greece, September - October 2005
    On the premises of the Municipal Gallery of Corfu, the “Art Café” gallery offered during the day an ideal location in the centre, by the sea, for admiring the “Horse Art” works by 24 artists at the service of the Skyros horse. In the evening, the fashionable STABLUS HALL by the port fortress – a unique gallery, lounge café, music bar and garden – offered the perfect environment for enjoying Art and refined food. During the exhibition, the SILVA estate remained open for those who wanted to visit the Skyros horse breeding centre and riding school

  • Athens exhibition in Greece, September 2005
    “Horse Art” had the pleasure to present in Athens the works of 26 talented artists in two unique locations: the Art gallery “EKFRASSI” in the centre of Athens and the premises of “ELLINIKI ETAIRIA”, THE HELLENIC SOCIETY for the Preservation of the Environment and the Greek Heritage, in Plaka, just beneath the Acropolis. This double exhibition in aid of the Skyros horse attracted very many Greeks and tourists who not only admired and bought works of art – pictures, sculptures and paintings representing Skyros horses -, but found the exhibition particularly interesting and educational

  • Skyros exhibition in aid of the endangered "Skyros horse", July 2005
    This was our first exhibition in Greece this year after a couple of successful exhibitions in France and Belgium. The exhibition preview and opening in Skyros - the largest island of the North Sporades in the Aegean Sea -, was hosted by the mayor of Skyros, Mr. Miltiadis Hadjiyiannakis. Twenty-eight talented artists from Greece, France, Belgium and the U.S.A. presented their works: paintings, sculptures and art pictures, all related to the endangered horse and its history. Four different cultural and art halls were used for the event which was organised with the cooperation of Skyros horse supporters and the local municipality.

  • Gembloux exhibition in Belgium to the benefit of the "Skyros horse", May 2005
    To mark the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the twinning programme between the city of Gembloux and the island of Skyros, Greece, the "Horse Art" exhibition presented a variety of works - paintings, sculptures, photographs and a poem - , created to promote an innovative biodiversity-related project for the preservation of the endangered "Skyros horse". More than twenty talented artists from all over the world took part in this exhibition. For most art works presented on the "Horse Art" exhibition, visitors had the opportunity to buy either the original work, or high quality reproductions - greeting cards, mounted A4 size reproductions and posters. By buying an original work or its reproduction, visitors supported the SILVA Project for the preservation and breeding of this unique and rare breed.

  • Andenne Town Hall, January 2005
    Thanks to the support and cooperation of Mr. Claude Eerdekens, Minister of Sports and Mayor of Andenne and the collaboration of the Andenne city hall administration, our first real "Horse Art" exhibition took place in the Andenne Town Hall