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Born in Ougrée, Belgium, in 1964, Yves Donnay has taken part in various exhibits since 1984. He has developed a turbulent and surprising style with intense and colourful subjects. His works should be viewed from a distance with a certain stillness and circumspection as, under the cover of his expressionistic style lie deep emotions and feelings.

The more we look at his astonishing and unexpected works, the more we perceive the eloquence and gravity they convey. There is something about Yves Donnay’s art that is neither banal nor out of reach.

Yves Donnay has a unique technique, executing his works with an amazing velocity, painting his subjects on salvage and reprocessing planks or cardboard.

Stéphane Rey (97)

“I’m not insane ... my first attitude in front of life is a smile, but there are times I grind my teeth with a smile. Death does not particularly obsess me, however the fact that I am conscious of how ephemeral our lives are, makes death more bearable and also more present every minute.

Ma first objective in painting is to reach the mental vision I have of my work. Each motion and touch of colour has to be absolutely indispensable when trying to reach this vision. I often work in artificial light which makes sense since my works are exhibited indoors and need electric lighting.

Music is, in my opinion, the most important form of art of this century and it is also the one I prefer, even to painting. But I can’t play music and I have a terrible voice. Therefore, I content myself with the inspiration modern music conveys to me”.

Yves Donnay