Christine DARBOUX


" La Literraciel "
Hameau de Cherveix
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Christine DARBOUX

Christine Darboux was born into a family that always kept company with many artists. Her chosen studies - interior decoration and advertising - enabled her to express her creativity .
When she took up modelling again, which was her initial passion as a teenager, she participated in various Art workshops in order to progress more quickly and satisfy her inner artistic inspiration.
In her search of aesthetic perfection she tapped into the spheres of literature, mythology and even body expression and dancing, conveying the basic notions of life, love and death.
Today modelling the human soul is one of her main artistic concerns. Her work presents how humans can be torn between materialistic and spiritual matters.
For her first exhibition she won an award which encouraged her to present her work at shows, exhibitions and art galleries in Paris and the provinces, or abroad. Her powerful and expressive sculptures are always personal and never leave one feeling indifferent.

Videos :
“Christine Darboux models” by Maria Koleva, for the series “Living today” and edited by “L’Harmattan”.

Award :
The “Art-Science-Literature” silver decoration from the “Société Académique d’Education et d’Encouragement” headed by the French Academy.