Christine CORNET

Ceramics & sculptures

30, rue Simonis
4130 Esneux

Tel : +32 (0) 4 360 99 80
Mobile : +32 (0) 472 26 40 55

Born in Tilff (Belgium) in 1955, Christine Cornet is a RAKU (Japanese ceramics) specialists creating art wares in white sandstone. Each piece of Raku is a one of a kind work of art.
Raku wares are hand-formed rather than thrown on the wheel, which makes them very different from other kinds of ceramics. Hand-forming increases the potential for modelling and allows the spirit of the artist to speak through the finished work with particular directness and intimacy. The Raku wares reflect more directly than any other kind of ceramic, the ideals of wabicha, the form of tea ceremony based on the aesthetics of wabi advocated by Sen no Rikyu. Central to the philosophy of wabicha were notions of "nothingness" deriving from Zen Buddhism and the "isness" of Taoism.

Raku is a very unique ceramic firing process. The formula Christine Cornet uses for the glaze contains a lot of copper. Each piece is fired in a ceramic kiln until it reaches 1600 degrees. At that time, the piece is carefully removed, with long tongs, and placed in a special paper lined metal can. Then, the heat from the piece ignites the paper, causing a reaction with the copper in the glaze. The result is a wide range of colours on the surface of the piece. A lid is then quickly put over the metal can, and the ware is allowed to cool for an hour or longer in the reduction atmosphere (until it is cool enough to handle). The piece is then removed from the can and the beautiful colours, lustre, and patterns are revealed.

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