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Welcome to our website dedicated to a unique collection of equine art, the horse in all its beauty immortalized in different styles and formats by talented artists.
We invite you to browse our Horse Art catalogue, find something that takes your fancy, either for yourself or as a gift, and at the same time make a genuine contribution to a unique project for the preservation of an endangered species, the “Skyros horse”.
For most art works, we offer you the opportunity to buy either the original work or high-quality reproductions.

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Some of our art works

Following the three HORSE ART exhibitions in Athens in 2005 and 2006 and in response to the interest shown by the local public, we decided to open in Athens a permanent HORSE ART exhibition in aid of the Hellenic small-horse or "Skyros horse.
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Feedback from recent HORSE ART exhibitions in aid of the Skyros horse

The SILVA Project today focuses on the preservation and breeding of the “Skyros Horse”, a horse that has played a major role in Greek history and is now in desperate need for a new future.
All proceeds of this website go directly to the SILVA Project, a non-profit organisation founded in 1996 in Corfu, Greece, for the breeding and protection of rare animals. Today the SILVA Project focuses on the preservation and breeding of the “Skyros horse”.