Philippe MEYRIER

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Philippe MEYRIER
Drawings & illustrations

Philippe MEYRIER, 63 years old, his hair all tousled and his white beard inimitable, just like his works. Everyone knows him in the equine art world and if someone is not familiar with his face, his artistic stamp is instantly recognisable.

His uncle was a breeder. He was breeding horses for the French army during World War 1 so Meyrier was born into a horsey world. However, he only started riding in his thirties and was not interested in the riding classics. His destiny was to be an artist and he knew it because he sketched night and day: “children should learn how to draw in the same way they learn how to speak or read. When they are old enough to hold a pencil, children should be encouraged to draw, observe and then reproduce what they see”.

In the 50’s after the war, life was quite different from today. Meyrier went to the ESTIENNE school in Paris for three years and then fine-tuned his drawing technique by participating in a specialized workshop. After his military service, he worked as graphic designer for a printing company. On the 1st of May 1968, he founded his own agency : "I always had enough work, drawing, illustrating, designing adverts and doing other graphics. Today I still work as if we were in the 19th century, using little colour or simply drawing in one colour”.

In 1980, Meyrier designed his first advertising poster for a ride, the premiss of Equirando hikes today. He designed many other posters, for Cheval Magazine and for the equine photographer Gabrielle Boiselle. Step by step, he started collaborating with editors and illustrated specialized books, such as the Larousse du Cheval and three books for Cheval Magazine.

"I was the one who invented the equine postal cards and became my own editor. Some friends and I founded the Toro Publishing House and sold millions of cards and tee-shirts. We also created a newspaper called the “Le petit Hippophile illustré”.

Meyrier has now retired, but is still very active. His drawings are exhibited in many parts of the world. “Children have to learn how to draw as early as possible. A teenager knows if he is talented or not and today there are drawing, graphics and art schools or specialized academies for children. Drawing has to be a passion and then what makes the difference is simply a matter of technique. What is sure is that even today it is possible to live from this profession”.